The 1988 Wynn’s Safari

The start of the 1988 Wynn’s Safari in Todd Mall, Alice Springs The Australian Bicentenary 1988 Wynn’s Safari broke new ground in its special Bicentennial long distance form. The almost 9000-kilometre endurance trial followed a four state course in this once-only ‘Big One’ format. The event was conducted for four-wheel drive vehicles, two-wheel drive vehicles […]

The 1987 Wynn’s Safari

The cover of the Supplementary Regulations for the 1987 Wynn’s Safari Originally there was not going to be a Wynn’s Safari in 1987. The organisers planned to conduct the event in August 1986 and then run a large event in April 1988 as part of the Bicentennial Celebrations. However, such was the clamour from competitors […]

The 1986 Wynn’s Safari

Allan Cunynghame on the Yamaha XT660 – 1st Outright Moto The second Wynn’s Safari was as promised by the organisers – rough, tough and agonizing – with 61 auto finishers out of the 137 starters (45%), and only eight moto finishers from 55 starters (15%). That it was so hard had much to do with […]

The 1985 Wynn’s Safari

Andrew Cowan/Fred Gocentas in the Prototype Mitsubishi Pajero – 1st Auto Outright The 1985 Wynn’s Safari covered 5730 kilometres through some of the harshest, but strikingly beautiful terrain in Australia, and the event combined rallying, trialing and off-roading. The exact daily course, which remained a secret until the start of each day, was over firmly […]

Pictures of Wynn’s Safari People

Pictures of some of the Wynn’s Safari Participants, 1985-1988 The Wynn’s Safari attracted a great variety of participants – competitors, team managers, mechanics, officials, and media. In all there were 1429 competitors (including repeat attendance) who started the event and 471 officials (including repeat officials) and 61 media who travelled on the event. See a […]

The Wynn’s Safari Triple Crown Man

When Doug Stewart drove his Ralliart Mitsubishi Pajero into Darwin at the end of the 1987 Wynn’s Safari the senior driver of Australian motorsport took out his first such event, and this was the third for the Mitsubishi Marque. But for the quietly spoken navigator seated alongside the rally veteran the moment meant far more. […]

Mitsubishi’s First 4X4 – the PX33

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation made a special gift to Australian motorsport for the Australian Bicentenary 1988 Wynn’s Safari. This gift provided the most interesting vehicle ever in the event and was a replica of the Mitsubishi PX-33 which was Japan’s first diesel passenger convertible. Initially built in 1934 only a few people realised the implications that […]

“Dundee” – A True Wynn’s Safari Hero

The Wynn’s Safari had its characters – many of them. Even the vehicles were stars… One of them was a one-of-a-kind Statesman Caprice 4WD Overlander of Andy Stott, which was entered in the four Wynn’s Safaris and finished all of them. It was a great performer. Read more below…  Read “Dundee… ” below – use […]

The Ballad of the Wynn’s Safari

This ballad was dedicated to all those men and women, competitors and officials, and motor cycle heroes, who created the ‘CIRCUS SPECTACULAR’ that was the 1986 Wynn’s Safari. Those who were on the Wynn’s Safari will understand the background to, and the wording in, the ballad. The Ballad was composed by Nigel Collier, navigator for […]

Volunteer Control Officials

The Wynn’s Safari was not all about harsh competition.  To run such a massive event volunteer officials were drawn from all walks of life to staff everything from control posts to the catering at overnight stops. Volunteers made the Wynn’s Safari. Many of the ‘army’ of them that formed the greater part of a huge […]

An Outback Brigadoon

A ‘Brigadoon’ is an idyllic location; one that is removed from reality. It’s a ‘town’, surely Australia’s most short-lived town, that grows each evening from a canopy of trucks and coaches to house 500 to 700 people (depending on which year) and park the autos and motos through the dark hours. Come just after dawn […]

The Wynn’s Safari Heroes

17 men and a solitary woman have been the only competitors out of many, many hundreds who soldiered through each of the four Wynn’s Safaris 1985 to 1988 to cross the finish line having completed the entire course each year. Their reward – a Wynn’s Safari Finisher’s Medallion! Read more below…  Read “The Wynn’s Safari […]

The “Average” Auto and Moto Competitor

These were the ‘average’ Wynn’s Safari regulars – average men/women in/on average machines with an above average will to achieve the goal of finishing the event. The ‘hotshots’ made up only a small percentage of the field. There were many interesting entries from these ‘average’ people seeking adventure. To them a win was not important […]

The Tyranny of Distance

To the Wynn’s Safari participants, the ‘Outback’ of Australia was big, very big! In 1985 the word Outback implied remoteness and sparse population and applied to many parts of Australia – western New South Wales, western Queensland, northern Western Australia, and the Northern Territory – all parts of Australia traversed by the Wynn’s Safari. Outback […]

About the Event

MAKE UP OF A DAY FINDING THE WAY IN THE OUTBACK FACILITIES ON THE EVENT WHY DO THEY DO IT? By Bill Tuckey, from “Redex to Repco” If one had to sum up the essential ingredients of the fascination of the long-distance rally or trial, it is in the Australian’s national characteristic of ‘having a […]

Wynn’s Safari – Preface

INTRODUCTION – START OF THE WYNN’S SAFARI The Wynn’s Safari was conducted between 1985 and 1988; thereafter it became the Australian Safari, managed by Tom Snooks and Bob Carpenter. In 1993 Snooks moved to be associated with Targa Tasmania whilst Carpenter continued with the Safari until 1997. In 1999 Advantage International took over the event […]